Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

*Susanne’s Review:

Dark, atmospheric, eerie and harrowing. A relaxing vacation on Long Island turns out to be anything but for Amanda, Clay and their children Archie and Rose.

What at first seemed like the perfect vacation at an Airbnb is disturbed by a knock at the door late one night. It’s the homeowners: G.H. and Ruth Washington and they have news. A Blackout has hit the entire East Coast. At first Amanda and Clay are in disbelief, even when Satellite TV plays the Emergency Broadcast system on all channels and there is no cell reception.

G.H. and Ruth were staying in New York City when the blackout hit and then immediately hightailed it out to Long Island, as they knew it would be safer. Now the two families are in this together. Of course, no one knows if they can trust each other. That of course, is the first question.

Then strange, terrifying events start happening. In isolation, two families only have each other to rely on.

Call it a nail biter.

It’s 2020 after all and right now, given what we’ve experienced, this story is somewhat believable.

While “Leave the World Behind” starts off a little slow it quickly becomes chilling, clever and creepy. This novel is perfect for those who like character driven fiction. As a disclaimer, this book includes lots of nudity (which I feel was completely unnecessary).

What I will say is that the ending is ambiguous which may frustrate some readers – though I personally found it to be brilliant, given, well, everything.

A buddy listen with Ms. Kaceey!

Thank you to Harper Audio, Libro.FM, Rumaan Alam for the alc. Kudos to the brilliant narrator Marin Ireland for entertaining me yet again!

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