Do Not Disturb (Deanna Madden #2) by A.R. Torre

*Kaceey’s Review

After finishing book one of the Deanna Madden series The Girl in 6E, I couldn’t wait for the follow up. Happy to report it did not disappoint! So good in fact, I enjoyed it just as much! (How often does that happen?)

For the safety of everyone even remotely in the vicinity of dear Deanna, she’s still locking herself in her apartment. (Thank you again, Deanna). But that may not be enough. What happens when trouble comes knocking on her door?

This book had it all! A terrific premise for all you thriller lovers plus plenty of heat for those that like it hot!🔥 Deanna and her special UPS delivery man Jeremy were heating up the pages. (well, in my case my earbuds.) I love how much she desperately needs him, yet can’t fully let her guard down…for his safety and both their hurting hearts. Jeremy has grown to love her completely, flaws and all! And I think we can all agree…being a stone-cold killer is a fairly substantial hic-up to overcome. Ah, young love…what can you say?💁🏻‍♀️

Once again the narrator nailed it! And brought the characters to life. You are taken into Deanna’s frightening world as she fights the eternal battle between the good and evil that lie within her soul.

And yes! I’ve already started the audio for the final book in this series.

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