If You Dare (Deanna Madden #3) by A.R. Torre

*Kaceey’s Review

And here I find myself at the end of my much loved erotic thriller series! 😩

Deanna our adorable and lovable serial killer finds two detective knocking on her door. She knows she is guilty of many things but fails to ask the ever important questions…”why are you here? What do you think I’ve done?”

But more importantly where is Jeremy? And why won’t he pick up her calls?

This is book three of the Deanna Madden series. I have torn through this series like no other and am heartbroken to reach the end.

Though this last book lacked the heat of the first two it delved a bit deeper into Deanna herself and her love for Jeremy.

The ending is left with just a small open crack that there may be another book on the horizon.🙏🏼
I hope so! I need more of Deanna! And what about Jeremy? Is this the end of the road for him…for them? Maybe love doesn’t conquer all.😢

Once again the narrator Jorjeana Marie did a fabulous job bringing A. R. Torre’s characters to life.

I highly recommend this series! Definitely start at the beginning! And if you enjoy audio…definitely choose that option.🎧

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