Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

*Susanne’s Review

Endearing and Wholly Entertaining!

“Nothing to See Here” is one wild novel that will capture your heart from the get go.

Lillian is a gal who has always felt like she was an outcast. Unfortunately for her, life did not exactly turn out the way she imagined.

The day her dear old friend Madison calls in a favor, Lillian can’t say no, even though it’s the most absurd thing Lillian has EVER heard.

Madison is in need of a governess for her two stepchildren, Bessie and Roland, who just recently lost their mother. It turns out however, that Bessie and Roland aren’t like most children. Whenever they get anxious, mad or upset, they well, spontaneously combust. The problem of course is that it happens often and Madison’s husband Jasper, is an important politician and no one can know about their little problem. This is where Lillian comes in.

A brilliantly plotted, character driven novel, which I found to be refreshing, sweet and quirky, “Nothing to See Here” immediately drew me in. How could it not? Lillian, Bessie and Roland’s interactions were so heartwarming and real (regardless of the fact that they burst into flames), I couldn’t help but feel for the characters. To say I love these three is an understatement!

While I couldn’t help but compare this book to Joe Hill’s “The Fireman” a novel that is a cross between fiction, science fiction and fantasy, (which I loved) about a superbug known as “Dragonscale” that’s highly contagious and causes those who catch it to burst into flames (and which fully explains the reasons why people spontaneously combust), I was able to suspend disbelief in “Nothing to See Here” and simply enjoy this fictional story for what it was, even if I wasn’t given all of the answers I needed.

I listened to the audiobook of this novel and must give mad props to Marin Ireland for her stellar narration. Ms. Ireland, you are becoming one of my favorite narrators and your work in this book was outstanding! This was my first novel by Kevin Wilson. It will not be my last. 4.25 stars.

A huge thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of this audiobook to borrow.

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