Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline

*Susanne’s Review

Wil Wheaton is Back! And that my friends, made the geek in me one very Happy Girl!

Another day in the Oasis, brings on another contest for Wade Watts and his friends. This time, it’s to find the “Seven Shards of the Siren’s Soul” hidden by none other than Kira, Og’s late wife.

Time however, is of the essence. Most folks now get into the Oasis with new ONI headsets and unfortunately for them, Anorak, Halliday’s avatar has hacked the system such that, when their daily time limit for using them runs out, so do they.  

While the quests are in fact easier, this go round, with either one of the High Five, knowing how to find and solve them or with the team getting a little help from some friends, there was one quest that I personally found to be quite brilliant, given my love for 80’s movies.  

It takes place in a fictional place, known well to John Hughes fans:   


(Yes, that, Shermer.)

At that point, I might have squealed with joy. (Honest, truth.) For me, that quest was sheer perfection.

While entertaining, the other quests weren’t as imaginative as the original quests in “Ready Player One” or as the Shermer quest, though I enjoyed having the team back together.

In its entirety, “Ready Player Two” may not be quite as good as its predecessor, and it may have started off a little slow, but it is in my opinion, a worthy follow up and frankly, I could listen to Wil Wheaton, all day, any day.  (Baaahhh!!!)  3.7 Stars.    

Published on Goodreads on 12.6.20.

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