Home by Harlan Coben

*Kaceey’s Review:

My favorite of the series so far. Actually, upon further reflection, this is my favorite Harlan Coben book, period!

Myron and Win are two of my all-time, most entertaining book characters! Together again, their magic just sparkles! An outstanding book by one of my favorite authors. Ok enough gushing! (For now!)

The plot unfolds when ten years ago, two boys, Rhys and Patrick are kidnapped. Both families are left in shambles. One of the boys just happens to be the son of Win’s cousin.
Now 10 years later, Win receives an email out of the blue that may just lead him to one of the boys.
Naturally, questions arise as to where they had been all this time. But more importantly, where is the other boy?

The witty banter is nonstop throughout this book. I read from beginning to end with a permanent smile on my face. Harlan Coben makes it seem so easy. The words just flow and the storyline is seamless.

I was concerned that the intensity of this book wouldn’t hold till the end – hoping that I wouldn’t be let down in the end. I needn’t worry! The ending meshed perfectly to the book as a whole. I was left with a big ole’ grin on my face and tears running down my cheeks.
Well done, Mr. Coben!

This book earned a place on my shelf of all-time favorites.

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*Susanne’s Review:

Win, or Windsor Horne Lockwood, III, has always known exactly where home was. He just hasn’t been there in a while. Home is where his best friend Myron Bolitar is. Myron is Win’s true north. Always has been. Always will be.

In Home, by Harlan Coben, Win needs Myron’s help, not the other way around. While in London, Win sees a boy, one who looks like one of two young boys who went missing 10 years prior (Patrick Moore). The other young boy (Rhys Baldwin, Win’s nephew) is nowhere to be found. In trying to rescue Patrick and find Rhys, Win knows he can’t do it alone. He knows he needs help from his best friend and the only person he can trust in this world: Myron. Together, they make a formidable team. In trying to solve this mystery, and find the boys and bring them home, Myron and Win enlist the help of Esperanza, Big Cyndi and even Mickey Bolitar, Ema and Spoon, because, well, they are better together.

I won’t spoil this for anyone who has not read it, but let me just say, that I devoured this book and loved every second of it. I don’t recall having read a Myron Bolitar book where Win’s point of view was in the first person, but I really enjoyed it and felt liked I was getting to know him more intimately. While I adore Myron, I will admit that Win is my absolute favorite character, simply because he loves Myron unconditionally.

Harlan Coben out did himself with this one. This is without a doubt his best novel to date and is his best Myron Bolitar/Windsor Horne Lockwood III, novel. It had heart and soul and was a great mystery to boot. I laughed, and cried, more than once. I absolutely loved it and loved that Myron and Win had to get the team back together in order to figure this one out. Big Cyndi was prominently featured and was a hoot as always. What was obvious from the first chapter was that these characters are the heart and soul of Harlan Coben and they have never left him, and neither will we.

Thank you Mr. Coben, this was worth the wait!

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