Reasons why Everyone needs a little Evan Smoak (aka Orphan X) in their life.

  1. Evan Smoak lives by a code. He believes in “Random Acts of Kindness” – specifically helping those in need before helping himself.
  2. He won’t stop until the job is done, regardless of what it costs him.
  3. As “The Nowhere Man” he’s a Myth. Truly Undercover. If you ever need lessons in how to go incognito, he’s your guy.
  4. If your Self-Defense skills could use a little refresher, the Orphan X series might be useful.
  5. Evan is totally Crush-Worthy! Women and men alike SWOON over him. I know that I’d jump in the line of fire (0r into the pages of a book in this case) to do battle for him.
  6. Both Evan Smoak and Joey could teach lessons in Sarcasm and Wit for those in need. Talk about great Life Lessons!
  7. Are you interested in becoming a Vodka Connoisseur? Gaining insight from Evan Smoak could help you out in that department, and increase your credibility.
  8. Do you need Lessons in how to Win People Over? Evan Smoak is your guy.
  9. Are you in Need a Natural Adrenaline Rush? The Orphan X series delivers it instantaneously. Pulse-pounding, heart-stopping, eye-popping, and jaw-dropping. Prepare yourselves. That is all.
  10. Finally, are you hoping to find a Thriller Series with a little Romance on the side? Watch Evan Smoak’s moves. They’re Killer!

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