Two of the Best Friends in Fiction: Myron Bolitar and “Win” Horne Lockwood III

You two have my heart, though I know I’m not alone in saying that.

I do, however, believe with every fiber of my being that I am Harlan Coben’s #1 fan having begun reading his books in the ’90s. In this, I’m sure Kaceey would disagree, seeing as she would say that title belongs to her. (It’s ok Kaceey, on this, we can agree to disagree! Bawaaah!)

Having read every book Mr. Coben has ever written, Myron and Win are hands down both of our favorite characters.

A few years ago, while reading a Coben novel, Kaceey told me that she thought of me as Win, and her as Myron. Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time I’d been referred to as Win. Sabrina, another one of my other best friends, has over the last 18 years, referred to me as the “Win to her Myron.” The first time I heard that it gave me pause. Yes, I’m loyal to a fault and will do anything for my friends, prefer to stand on the sidelines and let others get the glory, (sound familiar?) but I do not have a killer instinct, of that, I am sure. Almost immediately after being told this, I took it for the biggest compliment ever. While I adore Myron Bolitar, my love for “Win” knows no bounds, and therefore being told that I resemble him well, might just be one of the best compliments I’ve ever received, even if Win has a few psychopathic tendencies!

While Myron and Win may be fictional characters, to me, they feel entirely real, thus when they hurt, so do I. For years now, I can recall several times where I have sobbed uncontrollably over their friendship and where I’ve been left reeling, waiting with bated breath for their next adventure.

They had come here for answers and now Myron thought that maybe he really did know them all.  

“Go,” Win said.

Myron hugged Win.  Win hugged back.  The hug was fierce and right and lasted a long time.  No words were exchanged – they would have just been superfluous. .. as Myron held his friend in his arms he knew that nothing would ever be the same between them. Something was gone forever.

Live Wire – Harlan Coben, 2011

To say that Kaceey and I are anxiously awaiting the release of “Win” – Harlan Coben’s next novel about my (ok, “our”) beloved, is an understatement.

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