Every Last Secret by A.R. Torre

Kaceey’s Review:

“I will have you
Yes, I will have you
I will find a way and I will have you”

Obsession….relentless…flaming desire! 

Oh my goodness! What a wickedly delicious read! A mind-blowing cast of characters that you will just love to hate! 

Cat and William have the perfect marriage. Thirteen years and going strong as ever. No one could ever come between them. 

That is until William makes a less than wise decision to hire Neena. A motivational coach to build stronger relationships and moral in his company. Cat, leaning on her female intuition, just can’t help sensing that Neena is looking for more than just a job. 

“You are an obsession 
You’re my obsession 
Who do you want me to be? 
To make you sleep with me?”

And Cat is spot-on with her concerns. Neena has most definitely set her sights on her new boss! Willing to do whatever it takes to have him. Going so far as to even buy the house next door! The fact that she’s already married means nothing to Neena. Nothing will prevent her from getting what she feels is hers, and hers alone! 

“My fantasies have turned to madness 
And all my goodness 
Has turned to badness 
My need to possess you 
Has consumed my soul 
My life is trembling 
I have no control”

A.R. (Alessandra) Torre has once again hit this one out of the park! After this magnificent read she’s quickly becoming a favorite author of mine and I can’t read her books fast enough. 

Each and every twist…every turn will have you on the edge of your seat! I devoured this one…as I do with all her books! More please!🙏🏼 

A buddy read with Susanne! 

Obsession lyrics © Mike Chapman Publishing Enterprises 
Songwriters: Knight Holly / Des Barres Michael Philip

Thank you to NetGalley, Thomas & Mercer and A.R. Torre for granting my wish

Susanne’s Review:

One truly despicable (married) woman with a one-track mind: Seduce her new boss, overthrow his wife and become the new Mrs.  

It doesn’t get more revolting! (At least not if you ask me!)

If characters you love to hate, who are truly despicable are your thing, you’re going to love Neena!

When I started this book, I had very strong feelings (just ask Kaceey!). I despise cheating and having been the object of someone else’s obsession years ago, I’m not a fan of that either, so let’s just stay that this book struck quite the chord.  

As I kept reading, however, something strange happened: I got hooked. (Baawwaah!!) Yep, I admit it, I was hooked like a fish on a reel. 

The characters in “Every Last Secret” are heinous, horrible, devious, and dirty and yet, this book is insanely addictive, just like Lay’s Potato Chips.. you literally can’t stop yourself from flipping the pages as quickly as possible, desperate to get to the end. Even though I admit to guessing right, it was still quite satisfying if I do say so myself. 

While this novel was a little too “fiery” for me in the seduction/romance department, the suspense was addictive enough to keep me entertained.

A fabulous buddy read with Kaceey

Thank you to Amazon First Reads for the e-book.  

Published on Goodreads on 12.18.20.

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