Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano

Susanne’s Review:

Brilliant, Fun, and Fresh!

If offered $50K to “off” a total stranger, would you do it?  

Personally, I’d pass – I don’t think an orange jumpsuit would flatter me, but if I was in dire straits, maybe I’d think differently? (JK.)

Finlay Donovan’s life is a total mess.  The single mother of two, she is currently unable to make ends meet and has been “borrowing” money from her despicable cheater of an ex-husband just to stay afloat.  A struggling author, Finlay simply hasn’t had time to work on her new novel and has never been able to “make it big.”  

When a meeting with her agent at Panera goes awry, Finlay is left both a little intrigued and quite vexed. After having been banned from Panera, Finlay shows up in disguise, wearing a wig scarf, and sunglasses. There to discuss a book idea, little do Finlay and her agent know, a stranger overhears their conversation and misunderstands.  

Before leaving, Finlay is given a note with an offer: $50K to “off” a stranger.  

These are, of course, desperate times and that money would go a long way.

A wild, ridiculous, highly entertaining novel that kept the tension high and the laughter flowing, 

“Finlay Donovan Is Killing It” is a fabulous novel that I highly recommend to all!

This novel will also make Panera fans like myself quite hungry.  I have desperately craved their Creamy Tomato Soup ever since!  

A fantastic buddy read with Ms. Kaceey that we both quite enjoyed.  

Thank you to Allison Ziegler at Minotaur Books for the arc.

Published on Goodreads on 12.20.20.

Kaceey’s Review:

On the look-out for something just a bit different?  Something to leave you shaking your head and laughing out loud?  Here you go… this is the book for you! 

To say the least, Finlay Donovan is down on her luck –  way down. Her husband has left her and threatening to take the children. He’s fired the nanny and left Finlay with barely enough money to live on. 

Finlay is an author by profession, but with her personal life tanking she’s struggling to write her latest book. And missing deadlines puts her career in further jeopardy. She’s meeting with her agent at the local Panera (where she’s actually been banned.) How does one actually get banned from Panera of all places! Finlay enters wearing a disguise to hide from Panera security…well, at least the cashier anyway. Nice try Fin!  

During their discussion about her latest book, a woman seated at the next table over hears a plot twist of Finlay’s book and is convinced Finlay is a gun for hire! Let the games and mayhem begin! 

This is a hilarious, fun read with a bounty of laugh-out-loud moments, all the while cheering Finlay on while watching as she digs herself deeper into mischief. 

The ending leaves you assured there will be a follow-up and I’m anxiously awaiting its release! 

A delightful change of pace. 

A fun buddy read with Susanne!  

Thank you to Alison at Minotaur books for a copy to read and review. 

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