Here Is the Beehive by Sarah Crossan

Susanne’s Review:

What is it like to be “The Other Woman?”  

Personally, I would not know.  

In “Here Is the Beehive” however, we get a glimpse, and pretty, it is not.  

Nor is it anything like I’d imagined.

On display here we have Ana.  An Estate Attorney who is married to Paul, with whom she has two children.  Ana meets Connor when she becomes the Executor of his will.  The two embark on a 3-year relationship thereafter, though Connor is also married (to Rebecca, with whom he has two children).

Every day of Ana’s life is carried on in secret.  

There is before and there is after.  Before Connor’s death and after.

There is love, deep, and abiding, within which lie frustration and intense need.  Then there is heartache, guilt, loss, and loneliness.  

After his death, Ana wants nothing more than to get close to Connor’s widow.  To know her, to understand why he never left her.  

Real, raw, and wholly honest, the way Ana is portrayed here is eye-opening.  Sucker-punched, grief-stricken, full of regret.  My sympathy for Ana knows no bounds (which was completely unexpected, if I do so say myself.).

“Here Is the Beehive” by Sarah Crossan is brilliant, heart-wrenching, and wholly stirring, evoking emotion in the most affecting of ways.  The characterizations here are extremely well done, and the writing is exquisite and lyrical. 

A huge thank you goes out to my Goodreads friend Michelle, for her stellar review, which made me want to read this fantastic novel.  

Published on Goodreads on 12.24.20.

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