Hellbent (Orphan X #3) by Gregg Hurwitz

Kaceey’s Review:

Could the most lethal human weapon have a softer side? Well…I think we’re about to discover the answer!

Evan was once a professional assassin, handled by his mentor, Jack Jones. Choosing to put that life behind him, Evan went rogue from the “program.” That decision put his life in imminent danger, as those in charge needed to clean up loose ends. But who exactly is in charge of tidying things up? And what other name is on the dirty laundry list?

After a bit of a slow start, the tension increased with the turn of each page. Soon I found myself flipping pages as fast as I could. I love how we’re privy to seeing every side of Evan. His take-no-prisoners tough persona, as well as his longing to have a real home and maybe someone to care for.

By the end, (and yes, another cliffhanger that leaves you reaching for the next) I was feeling all five stars!

A buddy binge read with Susanne that we both loved! We are already reaching for book four Out of the Dark.

Susanne’s Review:

Holla! Evan Smoak is back and this time he’s not going it alone!

In “Hellbent” the third book in the “Orphan X” series, Evan is tasked with obtaining a package and that package is more precious than Evan could ever dream. Turns out it’s Joey, a teenage girl who failed out of the program that Evan escaped from long ago. Now it’s up to him to save her and himself from Orphan Y, also known as Charles Van Sciver, who has been tasked with wiping out all other orphans.

Of course, Evan and Joey have their work cut out for them. If they’re going to defeat Orphan Y, they have to learn to trust each other first.

Are you excited yet? Is your heart pounding in your throat? It should be! This installment hit all the right notes. It was thrilling, pulse pounding, sentimental and sweet.

I simply adored the character of Joey Morales and loved that she brought out a softer side of Evan Smoak. I loved the idea of the student becoming the teacher and hope that this storyline continues to develop.

This was an amazing buddy read with Kaceey. We both loved this addition to the series and can’t wait to continue the journey with Evan Smoak.

Published on Goodreads on 9.26.20.

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