Into the Fire (Orphan X #5)

Kaceey’s Review:

Greg Hurwitz has done it again!  

Book five of the Orphan X series. And this latest storyline, as well as Evan himself, have not lost steam! 

Each time Evan answers his phone he understands he’ll be risking his own life to help someone with nowhere else to turn. This time is no different. 

To say Max Merriweather is down on his luck would be a massive understatement. Recently separated from his wife and daughter, Max is barely scraping by. The weight of the world has reduced him to a shadow of his former self.  To add to his misery, his cousin was murdered. But not before leaving Max in possession of a mysterious envelope. With implicit instructions to put it in the hands of a trusted reporter 

Now no one is safe and once again, it’s up to Evan to put the pieces of this strange puzzle together and save Max!  

As with all the books in this series…it’s non-stop action! I just love Evan as he tries to figure out what he wants for his own future while still being willing to help those in need.  

Why hasn’t this series been turned into a movie (multiple movies)!?🍿🍿 

Only one book left in the series. Pardon me, Mr. Hurwitz 🙋🏻‍♀️

I hate to be a bother but do be a dear and pick up the pace! I need more books. please!  

Thank you!

A buddy read with Susanne!  

Susanne’s Review:

Heart Stopping and Completely Thrilling!

Just when Evan Smoak has decided to turn over a new leaf and stay out of trouble, he finds himself in the thick of it. This time, helping a man whose cousin was murdered and whose family has completely turned against him. A man named Max Merriweather who is now on someone’s hit list for unknown reasons.

Evan would like nothing more to just walk away from it all and yet, it is not in him. He is a man who lives by a code.

“Into the Fire” started off on a bit of a depressing note, with Evan feeling lost and alone. Being the person that I am, loving Evan the way that I do, I wanted to dive into the book and comfort him and tell him that everything would be alright. That being said, Evan is a survivor and triumphs over all.

This novel was pulse pounding, highly emotional and it put me through the absolute ringer. Reading this series, I sometimes wonder how on earth I pull through! What I loved most about this book was Evan’s interaction with Joey Morales. Joey is a fantastic addition to this series and I love the witty banter between these two. If you’re looking for a series that will entertain and make you feel alive, the Orphan X series is definitely it!

“Into the Fire” was another fabulous buddy read with Kaceey!

Thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of this book (and series). I have loved it so much that I went out and bought the entire series!

Published on Goodreads on 10.18.20.

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