The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss

Susanne’s Review:

A Seriously Cute, albeit predictable romance that helped get me in the Holiday Spirit!

As a single woman in her mid-30’s Kate has been unlucky in love.  After being pushed by Laura, one of her best friends, Kate decides to embark on “The Twelve Dates of Christmas.”  After signing up, Kate is then matched on twelve different dates with twelve different men throughout the month of December.

Love and snowflakes are in the air!

All of the dates are festive, fun, and extremely creative.  The men Kate are matched with are another thing altogether!  Believe it or not, Kate had absolutely no idea what she was getting herself into.  

Charming, sweet, and just what the doctor ordered to get me in the spirit this holiday season, “The Twelve Dates of Christmas” filled me with light and love and a few laughs as well.  Although I immediately knew where this holiday read was going as soon as I began listening to it, I still really enjoyed this audiobook and would recommend it to those looking for a light novel to lift their spirits.

Published on Goodreads on 12.27.20.

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