City of Windows by Robert Pobi

Susanne’s Review:

Dr. Lucas Page thought his days working for the FBI were over. Then his former partner is murdered in broad daylight, killed by a near impossible sniper shot. Now the FBI needs Dr. Page’s help pinpointing where it came from. Dr. Page, now a University Professor, left the FBI a decade ago after losing several limbs in a horrific accident. Even though Dr. Page, who has an extraordinary ability to figure out a crime scene and break down the angles, agrees to help this one time, all that changes when the murdering spree continues.

Now it’s up to Dr. Page and the rest of the team at the FBI to find the killer before it’s too late.

If only Dr. Page’s new “gig” with the FBI didn’t upset the status quo at the ‘ole homestead where Lucas’s wife and their adopted children are waiting to prepare for the Christmas Holiday! It all comes down to priorities!

“City of Windows” by Robert Pobi is a fast paced, thrilling mystery / suspense that kept me on my toes throughout. Though this novel was a tad too intellectual for my liking and had me reaching for my dictionary a few times, it was still enjoyable. My favorite parts of this novel were Lucas’s interactions with his family, which I feel kept him grounded. I really enjoyed his character and look forward to seeing how it develops upon reading the next book in the series, “Under Pressure.”

A buddy read with Kaceey!

Kaceey’s Review:

Hold on tight, major turbulence ahead! Robert Pobi is about to take you on a full-throttle action ride!

Having book two Under Pressure sitting on my shelf, I chose to go back to the beginning of the series for a more complete picture. Wise choice on my part!

Lucas Page is retired from the FBI after an accident that nearly cost him his life, leaving him without an arm and a leg. (No…really!) Since then he’s been quietly living a far different life, teaching at the University while helping to raise foster children alongside his new wife. 

But after a targeted killing of an FBI agent in midtown Manhattan, the F.B.I. comes knocking on Lucas’ door pleading for his help. 

As advertised, the action was non-stop, as Lucas and the FBI race against time to find the assassin before he strikes again. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Lucas as the lead character. There’s a great deal lot of depth revealed about him personally and professionally.

My only draw-back was the author got overly technical involving Lucas’ expertise as my eyes stared glazing over as I became lost in all those facts and figures.🤪

I’m now ready to dive into book two!

A buddy read with Susanne!

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