The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

Kaceey’s Review:

The moment I saw that the leading character was named JANE, I knew I was all in!

Jane is running hard from her past in Arizona. Ultimately landing in Alabama, scraping by taking jobs as a dog-walker in an exclusive neighborhood. Lost in daydreams while walking past her favorite home on the block, she’s nearly run over by the homeowner, Eddie.
Well that’s one way to meet a man. High marks for originality, young lady!

Soon enough, Jane and Eddie are inseparable! But there’s always the looming question – could this be too good to be true? Will Jane’s past eventually catch up to her? And what exactly did happen to Eddie’s previous wife?

Well, since this is a thriller you know nothing is going to be straight forward and you’ll be in for one twisty read! And if you can suspend your believability you’ll thoroughly enjoy this one!

A fast and fun buddy read with Susanne!

Than you to NetGalley and St. Martins Press for an ARC to read and review.

Susanne’s Review:

Twisty & Turny and Utterly Compelling!.

Meet Jane: An Arizona transplant who is new to Birmingham, Alabama. Jane is looking to make ends meet by being a dog walker in what appears to be the sleepy little subdivision of Thornfield Estates.

Thornfield Estates however has a “Stepford” vibe – gorgeous, perfect housewives, beautiful expensive homes with everyone following a simple easy routine, and enjoying the quintessential life.

Or so it seems.

Little does Jane know that the residents of Thornfield Estates have their secrets and boy are they doozies!

Penniless and pretty, Jane is hoping to meet “the one.”

Enter Eddie Rochester.
 A recent widow who is trying to get over the death of his wife, Bea and her best friend Blanche, both of whom drowned while away on a “Girls Weekend.”

Eddie is dashing, kind, smart and successful – everything Jane wants in a man.

A whirlwind romance ensues, with Jane being swept off of her feet. Of course, Jane gets what she wants: A marriage proposal. Then again, Jane always gets what she wants.

Or does she?

In this case, perhaps Jane should have looked before she leaped.

Poor Jane. I almost feel for you. Almost.

What happens next is nothing short of brilliant, twisted and completely wild. Talk about turning the freaking tables and stunning this reader to no end!

“That twist” is the reason to pick up this highly anticipated novel!

Well done, Rachel Hawkins!

Captivating characters and a fantastic plot, make this mystery suspense a must read!

This was a fabulous buddy read with Kaceey!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the arc.

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