Dear Child by Romy Hausmann

Kaceey’s Review:

“5013 days… that’s how long I spent looking for my daughter”

What a deep, dark, read. 

Lena has been missing for 13 years. So long in fact, that she’s had two children while being held captive by a madman. 

When the opportunity presents itself, it’s time for ‘Lena’ to run! Unfortunately, she runs directly into the path of a passing car and ends up in the hospital. 

The first words she manages to utter…

“Lena…my name is Lena ”

But is it really her? And why won’t the children tell the authorities what was going on in their so called home?

Told through the eyes of Lena’s father, ‘Lena’, and her eldest child. 

I listened to the audio version and all the narrators did a superb job bringing their characters to life. Allowing you to feel the pain, the fear and even the indifference from the child.

Not sure how I missed this book originally, but grateful to the many fantastic reviews that led me to pick this one up. Thank-you friends!

Highly recommend the 🎧 version.

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