This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

Susanne’s Review:

THIS!  Is Everything a Rom-Com Should Be and More!

“This Time Next Year” by Sophie Cousens delivers all the feels and is clever, smart, sassy, and sexy to boot.  It simply doesn’t get better than this!

Born on New Year’s Day in 1990, Minnie Cooper has always felt unlucky.  Why?  Another child (Quinn Hamilton) was born one minute before her in the same hospital and was the first baby born just after midnight that year and because of it his family won a large cash prize and hers didn’t.  Every year since she’s had terrible luck on both New Year’s Eve and her birthday and considers herself jinxed.  

As the fates would have it, Minnie Cooper and Quinn Hamilton meet on their birthday, thirty years later.  Minnie is a struggling business owner, who is trying to make something of herself, while Quinn is a successful businessman who takes care of his ailing mother.  

Quinn is both everything and nothing like Minne imagined. What transpires between the two is a friendship and it’s a beautiful thing.  

What I love about this novel is the character development of the integral characters, including Minnie, Quinn, and their mothers (Connie and Tara, respectively), Leila (Minnie’s best friend), and all of Minnie’s coworkers.  In addition, I adored the different relationships that were interwoven into the storyline and how strong they were.  

While Minnie and Quinn complement each other, their lives do not revolve around the other. It is this, among other things, including the strong women portrayed in “This Time Next Year” that makes this rom-com so fabulous.  That, of course, and the smart, sexy, witty banter that Minnie and Quinn exchange, made this an extremely fun and satisfying read!  Truth be told, this rom-com has everything and will appear on my best-of list for 2021.

Thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of the audiobook narrated by the fabulous Hannah Arterton.

Published on Goodreads 0n 1.27.21.

Excerpt published on Insta.

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