The Push by Ashley Audrain

Susanne’s Review:

What does it take to be a Good Mother?

Don’t ask ME that question. For I am not one, nor did I have a typical one. Mine was a combination of two of the mothers detailed here in “The Push” and because of that, my view of this novel is admittedly, somewhat skewed.

Even I realize, however, that what is real and what is true is that motherhood is complex, difficult, and exhausting.

Blythe’s childhood was less than stellar. Her mother was abusive and unkind and once she becomes pregnant, she is determined to be different. Then Violet is born and all bets are off. The two don’t bond as Blythe had hoped and it’s clear to her that Violet is unlike other children. Sadly, her husband Fox fails to see it. When something happens to change Blythe’s views on motherhood completely, the walls come tumbling down.

Told through flashbacks of Blythe’s, her mother Cecilia’s, and her grandmother Etta’s lives, “The Push” is a complicated tale of motherhood, at its best and most often at its worst.

A dark, disturbing tale of devastation and dysfunction. What is real and what is not? Is there something wrong with Violet or is her mother imagining it? Is there perhaps something off about Blythe instead? (If there was, would you be all that surprised considering her upbringing?)
Oh, the questions! Oh, the dysfunction! A shocking and disturbing tale that will grab you no matter what!

Admittedly, while I liked this novel, for me, it didn’t quite live up to the hype. Perhaps that’s because I’m not a mother or perhaps that’s because I grew up with mothers very similar to the ones described in the novel and therefore wasn’t all that shocked by the behavior. I did, however, find the writing compulsive and look forward to seeing what Ashley Audrain comes out with next. 

Kaceey’s Review:

This debut has been on the top of every readers list! The must-read of the new year!

Blythe didn’t have the best role model growing up. Her mother was not exactly a warm and nurturing woman. Thus, Blythe understandably had serious reservations of her own when she became pregnant. A self-fulfilling prophecy to struggle through motherhood? Her concerns were validated and magnified when her daughter Violet was born.

Was there something off bout her daughter, or was her own upbringing over-shadowing her perceptions?

This was a very fast read that resonated deeply with many readers. Perhaps they saw glimpses of their own mothers or own behaviors?

This is an author we will be seeing much more of in the future and looking forward to her next release.

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