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Kaceey’s Review:

Joe! You are one creepy dude!

The heart wants what the heart wants. And Joe’s heart wants Guinevere, known to all as Beck!

Does it matter that she is seeing someone else?

No! Joe can take care of that.

Does it matter that she doesn’t know he exists?

No problem! Joe is more than happy to put himself in front of her to get noticed.

Will it matter if Beck rejects Joe?

Now come on…you’ll have to find out on your own!

Most books I’ve read with stalkers normally leave me chilled to the bone, looking over my shoulder scared to make eye contact with any stranger just in case they read something into it.

Joe is not your average stalker. I should have been scared of Joe…but I wasn’t. 🤷🏻‍♀️. Don’t get me wrong. Joe is indeed a VERY dangerous man but curiously my fear of him was minimal. Perhaps that makes him that much more dangerous? The fact you can’t see how evil he truly is behind his façade.

Joe has more adventures coming up in the next two books in this series that I cannot wait to dive into. I’ll be curious to see how my perception of him changes or evolves as he does.

A binge worthy buddy read with Susanne!

Susanne’s Review:

Sick, Twisted, and oh so much Fun!

Oh, Joe! You’re demented, deranged, and well, wholly misunderstood. I know I should despise you and yet, I don’t. It’s uncanny.. as somehow, I actually kind of well, adore you.

While I personally don’t like stalkers, (having had one years ago) there is something endearing about “You.”

Let’s just say it, loud and clear: Joe Goldberg won me over.

Reasons why? First, your inner thoughts and dialog are freaking wild! I was hysterical reading what you were thinking. That said, you talk WAY too much. Like ok, men just don’t talk that much. Like ever. For some reason, however, you do, and yet your ridiculous interactions were highly entertaining. Second: you’re one brave dude who got away with a lot of sh&t. Like Woah. That is not even possible and for some reason, I was completely gripped by the storyline (even when my eyes were rolling out of my head). Third, well, the reason all of us adore you: you have a love for books and all literature. Even though you consistently dissed Stephen King (who I love), I forgive you.

I do, however, have a bone to pick with you: Is Guinevere Beck really all that? Because I’d beg to differ and yet you were bat sh&t crazy for that girl. Here, we can agree to disagree.

As a disclaimer, while I found Joe’s antics to be highly intriguing and oh so fun (on paper), I do not in any way, whatever, condone stalking, nor do I make light of it and must therefore state for the record that this book may be difficult to read for those individuals who have experienced stalking in some way shape or form.

A fun buddy read with Kaceey!

Published on Goodreads, Twitter and Insta on 2.6.21

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