Together We Will Go by J. Michael Straczynksi @straczynski @GalleryBooks

Susanne’s Review:

Brilliant, Heart-Wrenching and So Very Unexpected.

A group of strangers come together for a road trip with only one destination: The end of the road. 

For these strangers, either their lives didn’t turn out as they expected or things seem utterly hopeless and when an opportunity arises, to face the end together, they decide to take it. 

Mark is a writer who never got that big break. Having always felt like a failure, he is the one who comes up with the idea and posts about it online. Thereafter, several people sign up. A bus trip commences across the United States, with pickups along the way.  

Here we meet the passengers, whose struggles vary. Each one journals while on the road trip and via these journal entries and their interactions with each other we get to know them and their reasons why.  

This character-driven novel is impactful, bright, and extremely well written. The bonds formed between the characters felt so real as did their conversations that I was filled with such warmth throughout. My favorite characters here are Tyler, Karen, Dylan, and Zeke, whose love for his best friend brought me to tears.

I’m not sure what I expected going into this or why this book spoke to me, but “Together We Will Go” was nothing like I expected it to be.  

Clever, smart, sweet, quirky, and yes, at times both funny and sad, this book is absolutely brilliant. There were many times where I laughed quite a bit and yes, cried too.

Written by J. Micahel Straczynski, the writer, and co-creator of many tv shows including Sense8, one of my favorite shows from a few years ago, it’s actually not surprising after having read this, that there is more here than meets the eye.  

While this novel deals with the extremely difficult topic of depression and suicide, it is also about so more. It is about friendship, love and the impact people have on each other and also about how we can help each other if we simply try. I know that several people will shy away from a book like this, given its subject matter, however, I hope some of you will give it a chance as the characters and the storyline are worth it. If you or anyone you know are depressed and require help, please contact

Thank you to Gallery Books, Scout Press, NetGalley, and J. Michael Straczynski for the arc. 

Published on Goodreads, Twitter, and Insta on 2.7.21.

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