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Susanne’s Review:

A Devastating Crime;  One Man’s Inescapable Past;  The Place Where it All Goes Down.

When Federal Agent Aaron Falk returns home to Kiewarra in the Australian Outback, it’s not because he’s homesick.  His best friend Luke is gone, and Falk goes home to attend his funeral.  That’s not all of course.  Luke is accused of a horrific crime and as much as Falk would like to bail as soon as he steps foot in Kiewarra, he has to make right by his friend.

Twenty (20) years prior, Luke stood by him when Falk was accused of a crime himself. The two always looked out for each other and remained friends even after Falk and his dad hightailed it to Melbourne after a myriad of accusations. 

Upon his return, the residents of Kiewarra make it absolutely clear that they want nothing to do with Aaron Falk regardless of the fact that he’s there to help one of their own.  

“The Dry” by Jane Harper is Literary Crime Fiction that packs a punch and keeps on walloping.  

It’s also a character-driven novel with a fast-pace that is taut with tension. Aaron Falk is a man to be reckoned with, who I’d be grateful to have on my side any day of the week. Once again, the vivid descriptions of the atmosphere, the catastrophic drought, and the land completely captured my attention, with each becoming its own character. 

This brilliantly plotted, completely captivating, mystery novel sucked me in from the very beginning.  

“The Dry” is my third read by Jane Harper; next up is “Force of Nature.”  While I absolutely loved this book – it doesn’t quite match the love I felt for my first Jane Harper novel: “The Lost Man” – I still can’t get the characters of Nathan and Xander out of my head and having read that book several years ago now, that’s saying something (thus if you haven’t read that, check it out!).

If you’re like me and are a little late to this party, add “The Dry” to your tbr.  I highly recommend it to readers of character-driven fiction, crime fiction, and mystery/suspense.

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