You Have a Match by Emma Lord @dilemmalord @stmartinspress #bookreview

Susanne’s Review:

Light and Heartwarming.

High School best friends Abby, Leo, and Connie are like the three musketeers.  About to be Seniors, they do everything together.  That includes signing up for a DNA service.  Abby and Connie mainly do it to support Leo, who is adopted and is looking to see who else might be a part of his family tree. It’s Abby however who gets the shock of her life when reviewing the DNA results and she discovers that she has a full-blood sister!

Enter eighteen-year-old Savvy.  Instagram Influencer who is sheer perfection in every way.  Savvy has always known she was adopted, she just didn’t know the story behind it.  The fact that Abby had an older sister however is a complete shock.  Now comes the hard part for the both of them, discovering the story behind their parent’s deception.

Then, of course, there’s Leo.  Abby has had a crush on him for eons.  Something almost happened between them a few months ago and then well, it didn’t and since then everything has been totally awkward between them.  Now however they are going to be spending the summer together at camp, along with Savvy and all of Savvy and Leo’s friends.  Enter sparks, romance, and a whole lot of teen angst!

“You Have a Match” is a sweet story filled with family, sisterhood, and romance by Emma Lord.  This is now the second book I’ve read by this author and while I liked this book, in my opinion, it was nowhere near as cute or funny as “Tweet Cute” – which I absolutely loved.   If you like YA novels, however, this might just be the perfect match for you.

Published on Goodreads and Twitter on 2.14.21.

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