The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz @jeanhanffkoreli @CeladonBooks @macmillanbooks #thriller

Susanne’s Review:

What happens When You Borrow or Rather-A-Hem Steal Something You So Desperately Want?

In the case of Jacob Finch Bonner, his decision to steal “The Plot” becomes quite dangerous.

If only he looked before he leaped!  Then again, no one ever does.

Jacob Finch Bonner is an instructor at an MFA program.  Once a somewhat successful novelist, now he’s kind of a has-been.  To make matters worse, one of the students in his class is an arrogant jerk who claims to be writing what will become a bestseller.  Though he’s only been given a few of the details, Jacob waits with bated breath for its release.  Years go by and it never materializes.  Then one day Jacob researches Evan Parker, his former student, and discovers that and realizes that the book won’t be published after all, and he decides to write the book himself. 

Upon doing so, Jacob and his new book “Crib” are a huge success and all seems swell until he receives threats from someone who knows the truth.  Someone who threatens to destroy everything Jacob has worked for.  Something Jacob has no intention of letting happen.

Though the first half of this novel starts off quite slow, the pace and the storyline picks up around the halfway point. All of a sudden, the novel becomes crazy twisty and turny and the storyline ratchets up.  Though I guessed the culprit fairly early on and knew what was going to happen, I still enjoyed the ending and think everyone else will too.

I received a free Galley of The Plot from Celadon Books and a free ARC of THE PLOT from  Macmillan in exchange for an honest review.

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