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Susanne’s Review:

It’s a Showdown of Good v Evil and it’s Dark, Lyrical, and Hard-Fought!

I’ve always wanted to read James Lee Burke’s novel and with “Another Kind of Eden,” I got the chance to do exactly that and I took it!  A slow burner from the start, it’s the characters here that seep deep into your soul and get you and get you good.

The year is 1962, the place is Trinidad, Colorado.  

Aaron Holland Broussard is a drifter, a wanderer if you will, educated, quiet and kind.  A hard worker and a veteran who has plenty of demons he simply can’t outrun.  When he winds up at a farm in Colorado, he finds himself immediately embroiled in trouble. Falling for a beauty, named Joanne, he knows he should stay away from, but simply can’t; enmeshed in an investigation over a few mysterious murders; conflict finds him, time and again. 

Other farm hands may be involved, including the owner of the farm, and the professor who was enjoying Joanne’s company before Aaron came along.   

Through it all, Aaron has an instinct, a need to survive as well as a need to fight for what he wants and what he believes is right.  The past however comes back to bite and some people’s burdens are quite heavy.  

A very different, heartbreakingly honest, and real portrayal of good v evil. 

Expressive, emotional, and a little mystical, “Another Kind of Eden” was wholly unexpected.  While it was a slow burn and took me a while to get into, the character development and the storyline here were both stellar.  I think fans of James Lee Burke will love this!  Though this was my first book by this author, I don’t feel like I missed out at all and therefore think this worked very well as a standalone.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster, NetGalley, and James Lee Burke for the arc.

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