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Susanne’s Review:

Harlan Coben.  You do Beat All!   An Entire Novel about my FAVORITE Character? Windsor (“Win”) Horne Lockwood, III? How did I ever get so Lucky? Can I just gush for a few minutes and talk about how much I LOVE Win?!

His sarcasm, his wit, his affect?  Win’s witty sense of humor throughout “Win” had me laughing hysterically, my entire bellyaching.  His brilliance, his ego, his entire personality.  Win’s deep abiding love for and loyalty to his best friend Myron, which seeps through the entirety of this book and made tears prick my eyes and fall, more than once. That his love for Myron is ever-present throughout, even when Myron himself is not, well, that speaks volumes

Win’s love for the finer things in life, including fine wine and well, of course, women. Did I mention his appreciation for women?  You’ve got to hand it to the guy, he has pretty good taste. 

Yes, he’s a little psychotic at times, but it’s always with the best of intentions. I, for one, would be grateful to have him on my side (and in my bed… BAAAH!!!)  Kidding… Not Kidding. (LOL!) 

But I digress, Let’s get to the plot, shall we?

When an unknown man is found murdered in a penthouse apartment in NYC, the authorities link items in the man’s apartment to Win and to the Lockwood Family. A Stolen Vermeer painting and a piece of luggage, with Win’s initials on it. Both items are linked to cold cases, one of which dates back to the kidnapping of Patricia Lockwood, Win’s cousin, which happened twenty (20) years ago.  

When questioned by the FBI, Win, of course, gives nothing away, and yet he realizes that he must investigate. His privacy (and that of his families) is at stake.

A fantastic mystery/suspense with several intertwining storylines, “Win” by Harlan Coben delivers in more ways than one.  The character development and the plot are spot on, the twists and turns keep you guessing, and the novel includes several surprises for long-time fans.  

While I did, however, miss Myron Bolitar (as I adore him as well), and long for the day when Myron and Win are together again, I will gladly continue on this journey with “Win.” 

This was a wonderful buddy read with Kaceey, my book bestie, and the Myron to my Win. 

A huge thank you goes out to Morgan Swift at Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley for the arc.  

Thank you also to Harlan Coben.  I have read and loved Myron Bolitar and Windsor (“Win”) Horne Lockwood, III, since the late 1990s and will love them till the end of my days. 

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Kaceey’s Review:

Win Lockwood the third. Comes from old money. Sometimes…ok most of the time plays by a different set of rules. He protects those he loves fiercely. Front and center is his best friend Myron Bolitar.

This is a series I have been reading for years. I have had a long-time character crush on Myron🙈💞. This latest release focuses strictly on the best friend Win. 

When the body of a hoarder is found a more bewildering discovery is made. That of an expensive original painting that was stolen from Win Lockwoods family years ago. It is up to Win to discover how this painting came into the possession of this man. Win may root out a few family secrets along the way.

Once again Harlan Coben delivers a fabulous addition to one of my favorite long-running series. This is book one for Win Lockwood to take the leading role. And though I do love Win…. I really missed Myron. His absence was duly noted. 

A buddy read with Susanne that we both enjoyed. Susanne’s character crush of Win is equal to mine of Myron. Perhaps we could double date?😂💞

Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for an ARC to read and review.

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