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Kaceey’s Review:

Who here has ever had a really bad day. Hands please!🙋🏻♀️. Maybe you had a flat tire and ended up late for work. Maybe your significant other forgot about the dinner plans that have been on the calendar for weeks. Perhaps your child just sprung a huge class project on you that is due in the morning and hasn’t even started.

But poor Anna has seen her life crumble to pieces before her very eyes! Anna is happily (so she thinks) married with 2 children. She works as a math professor at a nearby University. When her student suddenly dies as they are closing in on a mathematical discovery that will make them famous…at least in the math world. When she runs to her husband for support she quickly realizes that there is a very good chance he is having an affair. Oh, wait! Did I mention that Anna was also passed over for the promotion she thought she had in the bag! 

Yup! A bad day all around!

Os was a fun twisty read that kept me guessing all the way through. Anna was the proverbial hot mess. She is the type of character you find yourself screaming at and want to shake some sense into. 

This is my third read by Natalie Barelli. And I’ve enjoyed them all. Luckily I have a few more of her books sitting on my shelf waiting for me. Once again she delivers a thrilling read that will keep you engaged and leave you white-knuckling your kindle as you reach the end. 

I listened to the audio version and the narrator Emily Rankin did an amazing job bringing Anna to life. 

A buddy 🎧 with Susanne

Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an 🎧 to listen to.

Susanne’s Review

Outlier Alert!

Just call me disappointed. I’m sorry to say that the wholly convoluted premise of “Unfaithful” was also extremely far-fetched which, unfortunately, doesn’t work well for me. Furthermore, Anna, the main character may have made the worst decisions of almost any fictional character in the history of fictional characters. (Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a tad, however, all I can say is WOWZA.). Every single decision she made in this book made me want to shake and/or slap her. (Sorry, I try not to judge but REALLY?!? I mean REALLY?! Thinking about the ramifications of your actions before taking them, might have helped you out a great deal here Anna!). 

So what, pray tell is the book about?

Anna Sanchez is a Math Professor at a University. Everything is going fairly well, Anna is happily married, working on a proof with her Ph.D., student Alex, that will earn them both kudos, when he completes suicide in front of her. Head spinning from what has happened, Anna seeks refuge in her husband only to later discover that he is having an affair and that it has been going on for months. Yet she does not confront him. Instead, she does everything she can to win him back and after all of her efforts, is almost sure that she has. Almost. Then she finds that the promotion she was up for was given to a much younger version of herself.  

Spiraling out of control, Anna takes action that no sane person would. Time and again, Anna does things that boggle the mind and therefore made me want to slap her.

I am hardly ever able to suspend disbelief unless I love the characters and the writing is brilliantly captivating and unfortunately that simply wasn’t the case here for me. I disliked everything about Anna and had no sympathy for her because she got herself into every mess she found herself in. 

That said, was this book salacious? Yes! Was it entertaining? Yes! Were my armchair detective skills on point? I’m afraid not! I thought I guessed right in the end and I was so, so wrong and for that, I must give the author, Natalie Barelli, kudos. You got me! Well done!  

While this book wasn’t for me, simply because I felt like there was too much going on and I’m not a fan of far-fetched plots, I think that readers who can suspend disbelief will love this.

A Buddy Listen with Ms. Kaceey!

Thank you to Dreamscape Media, NetGalley, and Natalie Barelli for the alc.

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