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Susanne’s Review:

A YA novel with a unique concept and a fabulous cast of characters!

Sixteen-year-old Darcy Phillips gives relationship advice to her fellow students anonymously via a locker at school that students drop letters into and she anonymously retrieves. Emailing advice from a secret email address, Darcy’s relationship advice has a high success rate and her venture has therefore become quite lucrative.  

Darcy’s own love life however is kind of a shambles.  Darcy, a bisexual, has been crushing on her best friend Brooke for years now, and nothing has come of it. As both are members of the schools’ Queer and Questioning Club, she keeps hoping that something will shift dramatically.  

When Brougham, a senior, discovers that Darcy is the one in charge of Locker 89, he enlists her relationship advice in exchange for keeping mum about her identity.  

A predictable, yet sweet YA novel, I really enjoyed this book even though it felt very YA to me and I couldn’t quite relate to what the characters were going through. This book includes a very diverse cast of characters as well as several important chapters which may help those who are questioning exactly where they fit in this world.  

Thank you to Rivka Holler at St. Martin’s Press for the galley.  

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