Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry @talentsmarteq #nonfiction #psychology #business

Susanne’s Review:

A Truly Fascinating Book delving into helping individuals build their EQ skills!

“Emotional Intelligence” is a novel that I read with several of my coworkers.  As a team, we are working to build our EQ scores and become better teammates to each other and become more successful, both in business and in life. 

In this novel, you take an online test before you start reading, to determine your Emotional Intelligence Scores. Thereafter, you receive a report which outlines areas of improvement based on those scores. The book is broken down into several parts based on the four (4) EQ categories. The categories in which you score the lowest are the ones it suggests you work on first.  

The categories are: 

Self Awareness;

Self Management;

Social Awareness; and

Relationship Management.

I found “Emotional Intelligence” to be wholly intriguing and compelling.  It is written in a way that makes it highly readable and extremely interesting.  The stories provided of individuals with high and low scores in each category and how their coworkers viewed them, were entertaining.  I  also appreciated that the author wasn’t judgmental towards anyone for how they scored when discussing their personality traits, and upon doing so, he simply offered concrete examples of how to improve in each area.  

My only gripe is that for the area I scored lowest in, the examples were somewhat unhelpful, given the times that we are currently living in, especially since I have lived in isolation with my cat for the last year.  All suggestions that apply to me, require me to be in crowds to read the room and help me both assimilate and gain insight into other people’s verbal cues. 

That aside, I thought this book was extremely entertaining and insightful and I look forward to working with my coworkers to become an even more cohesive team and to become prosperous. 

Thank you to my manager for suggesting this book to me! 

Review published on Goodreads, and Twitter.

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