And It Will Be a Beautiful Life by Craig Lancaster @AuthorLancaster #fiction

Susanne’s Review:

Max Wendt works in Pipeline Transportation on the PIG using Pipeline Inspection Gauges to inspect and perform maintenance on pipelines. This work often takes him away from home and away from his wife and his daughter Alexandria, for days on end.

As his marriage is failing, and his daughter is all grown up, Max prefers it.  In this course of his travels, Max meets Charles, who becomes a friend, and the two begin corresponding about the meaning of life.  Max also gets to know Alicia, a new hire on the PIG and he is given the responsibility of training her. The first woman to be hired for the job, tensions run high, and yet, he and Alicia bond, even though she’s his daughter’s age.  

“And It Will Be a Beautiful Life” is a novel of self-discovery, searching for what’s next, and searching for the answers, which are not always right in front of us, even if they seem like they are supposed to be.  While reading this novel, I admittedly learned a lot more about pigging than I wanted to and had ever planned to.  As Max spent more time working than anything else, I think that was intentional.  While the art of pigging didn’t grip me, I did enjoy the interactions between Max and his colleague Alicia and really enjoyed the relationship that developed between them.  All in all, however, I enjoyed this novel and appreciated the life lessons included herein.

Thank you to The Story Plant and NetGalley for the arc.

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