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Kaceey’s Review:

Are you a fan of the old slasher movies? Did you find yourself screaming at the teenagers not to go into the basement? The movies where there would be one line girl who survived the massacre by killing the deranged monster. She is what’s referred to as a Final Girl. This is their story! 

Lynette is a final girl. Though some others have a hard time calling her that since she never actually killed her monster. But she is part of the support group with five other Final Girls. Though it seems that the ties that bind are quickly fraying. 

These women can never seem to completely move forward as there is always some fan who wants their moment of fame by bringing the past to life. Could one of these deranged Final Girl Buff’s now be hunting the remaining girls? Is Lynette the only one who believes they are in danger? Can she save her fellow survivors before it’s too late?

It’s difficult to put in words how I felt about this book. I thought the writing was great and it held my attention and kept me wanting to know how it all turned out. 

So perhaps it was the subject matter itself. I was a fan of these movies when I was younger. But maybe not so much anymore.🤷🏻‍♀️. I do like my thrillers dark, but this seemed especially dark and somewhat gruesome as the massacres were detailed. 

This was my first read by this author, and I am definitely interested to see what he comes up with next.

A buddy read with Susanne!

Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing via Netgalley for an ARC to read and review. 

Susanne’s Review:

Complete Insanity!

Women who’ve Survived the Unthinkable Only to Face it All Over Again.  

They are “The Final Girl Support Group” and they meet in secret. They have always thought they were the toughest, most bada$$ women out there.  

Turns out they were wrong.

That’s right: These women survived massacres and are now known as “Final Girls.” Once again, they are being hunted down and killed and this time there’s no stopping whoever is responsible, as the culprit wants every last one of them wiped out.  

Folks, let me just say that this book is Bat-Sh&t Crazy. And I’m talking Completely Crazy with a side of Tartar Sauce. Throw in some Mayonnaise and a Cat-Fight and I would have run screaming.

What started as intriguing and wildly entertaining, bordered on somewhat ridiculous as the book went on, and soon became a little too much for me to handle.  

For me, this book was kind of like Thanksgiving Dinner.  Wholly enjoyable at first until you eat too much and then it’s simply too much.  

If you like Totally Convoluted, Completely Bat-Sh&t Crazy Storylines, this book is Most Definitely for You!

A buddy read with Kaceey that left us both reeling.

Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley for the arc.

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