The Nature of Fragile Thing by Susan Meissner @SusanMeissner @BerkleyPub #librarybook #audiobook #historicalfiction #fiction #blogger #bookreviewer

Susanne’s Review:

Completely Captivating!

Sophie is an Irish Immigrant, who after arriving in New York, answers an ad for a mail-order bride.  Arriving in San Francisco shortly thereafter, she immediately marries Martin Hocking, though she does not know him.  He is looking for a mate and most importantly a father to his 5-year-old daughter Kat.  Little does Sophie know, Martin is not who he appears to be.

A few years later, a woman appears on her doorstep, her name is Belinda. Between the two of them, they uncover many a secret about Martin Hocking. Then he arrives home.  Immediately thereafter an earthquake hits.  

The earthquake of 1906, destroying most of San Francisco and many lives.

From that moment on, Sophie, Belinda, and Kat forge a bond. Through trials and tribulations, these three become a family and vow to overcome.

An incredibly well-written, character driven novel that completely enveloped me in the storyline.  This is now the 3rd book that I’ve read by Susan Meissner and she is fast becoming one of my favorite historical fiction authors. 

Thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of the audiobook.

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