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Susanne’s Review:

A Mystery that Garnered a lot of Hype on Social Media that left a lot to be desired.

Just call this a case of the Ho-Hums. All the expectations I had were dashed fairly early on, and sadly I kept going even though it was clear this was failing to deliver.

A Sanatorium converted into a Hotel? My questions are as follows:

  1. WHY would anyone EVER think that’s a good idea?; and
  2. Why would anyone ever WANT to stay there? As if!

A premise I admittedly failed to comprehend, yet continued to read anyway. Probably not my best decision.  

When Elin and her boyfriend Will arrive at the hotel for her estranged brother Issac’s engagement to her former friend Laure, the hairs on the back of Elin’s neck immediately stand up. A tell-tale sign she should have listened to. 

Of course, it gets worse from there, once the bodies turn up. Elin, a former Detective on leave from the department investigates. Cut off from everyone due to both a ridiculous snowstorm and avalanche, things go from bad to worse.  

Nothing like being locked in a Sanatorium with a crazed killer over the course of a few days to shake things up. I’m just glad this was fiction!

Thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of the audiobook.

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