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Susanne’s Review:

You Know the Old Saying “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold?”  Well, it certainly applies here.

For Bree Cabbat, it’s clear that someone has enacted revenge on her family the moment that her baby boy Robert is kidnapped, and she is blackmailed into taking revenge on her husband’s law partner in order to get him back.  The question of course is why. 

Crazy convoluted and absolutely wild, when Bree uncovers the truth, with the help of her best friend Marshall, all hell breaks loose.  

This of course begs the question, what would you do if you were put in this situation?  I think the answer is anything.  

A novel about actions and consequences, accountability and desperation, revenge, family, love and loss.  

While I really liked the beginning of this novel, I felt as though it began to unravel some as we got towards the end.  People’s actions became unbelievable to me and I therefore had a hard time continuing on.  That being said, I enjoyed most of this novel and would recommend it to fans of mystery/suspense.

I listened to the audiobook of this and thought the author did a brilliant job narrating.

This was a buddy read with Kaceey.

Thank you Harper Audio, NetGalley and Joshilyn Jackson for the alc.

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Kaceey’s Review:

This was my second read by this author and once again I felt it just missed the mark for me.

It only takes a moment. Your focus is elsewhere. When you turn back…your child is gone. Poof! This is what happened to Bree when her young son strapped in his car seat vanishes when her attention turns to her other children.

When Bree is contacted by the kidnappers she is told she only needs to perform one small act and her son will be returned to her unharmed. Easy peasy! Well not so fast….

I’m all about suspending my believability in order to enjoy a thriller. But this one really asked a bit too much from me. 

The author narrated her own book and I thought she did a fabulous job bringing the characters to life.

A buddy 🎧 with Susanne

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Audio for an 🎧 ARC

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      1. Yes, I also like when an author narrates their own book, they know exactly where to add expression, stress something, pause etc.


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