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Susanne’s Review:

Refreshing, Relevant, and Romantic!

Grace Porter, or “Porter” as almost everyone calls her has been on the fast track her whole life, studying and working as hard as possible to get her Ph.D. and finally achieve greatness.  Her goal to be the best was drilled into her by her father, and nothing else mattered.  After 9 years of almost killing herself, she has come to realize that sometimes, not everything is within her control.  

After failing to achieve what she thought would be within her grasp, Porter lets loose on a drunken night in Vegas and yep, you guessed it, she goes and gets married to a stranger.  Under normal circumstances, this is not something Grace Porter would ever do, and yet, her life is far from normal.  Cracking under the pressure has never been allowed. Grace however needs a time out and it’s about time she takes one.  Depressed and extremely anxious, Grace takes a trip to NYC to meet Yuki Yamamoto, her new wife.

Figuring things out does not happen overnight as Porter has never looked inward.  With the help of Yuki, and her friends Ximena, Agnes, Meera, Raj, and her mother, Porter finally does exactly that.  

What I loved most about this novel was all of the different friendships Grace and Yuki had and how true and solid they were. In my opinion, a person can get through anything as long as they have friends behind them. I also appreciated how mental health and therapy were portrayed and that both were portrayed realistically.

A Coming of Age novel that includes some really important topics, including Anxiety; Depression; Burnout; Mental Health; Discrimination in Hiring; LGBTQIA; Romance; Friendship; and Family Dysfunction.

Kudos to Morgan Rogers, whose #ownvoices debut novel stole my heart.

A huge thank you to Mimi Chan at Goodreads and Park Row Books for the physical arc.   

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2 thoughts on “Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers @garnetmorgue @parkrowbooks #contemporaryfiction #romance #mentalhealth #bookreview #bookblogger

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! I really liked it and would love your thoughts on it! Honey Girl explored so many pertinent issues and was so well written. I hope many others read it. 🙂


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