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Susanne’s Review:

Beautifully Realistic, Honest & Heartbreaking!  

If your marriage was devoid of intimacy or love, would you turn to another for comfort and companionship?

That is the million-dollar question, isn’t it?!  

For Claire Canton, the answer is yes.  When Claire’s husband Chris finds a new job after being unemployed for almost a year, it seems like a blessing.  Chris was despondent for much of the last year and their marriage suffered because of it.  Now that he has a new job, she had hopes that it would bring them back together, but that’s not the case.  Instead, Chris has to travel 4 nights a week, and being away from home and having to work much of the time when he is around, Claire has never felt lonelier even though she has become solely responsible for their two kids.

When Claire meets Detective Daniel Rush at a traffic stop, their attraction is palpable.  When they meet again a few weeks later, and he offers her a graphic design job with the police department, Claire can’t help but be intrigued.  Thereafter a friendship ensues.  That’s all it is, really, friendship, though feelings develop, neither act on them. Their feelings and their want for each other, however, is unmistakable.

That begets the question, is it possible to betray your spouse without sleeping with another?  Is an emotional affair cheating?  

Daniel Rush is Swoon Worthy.  Devastatingly Handsome and extremely careful never to cross the line with a woman he has fallen over heels for.  In case it’s not obvious, he had me at hello. (lol).

“Covet” asked many a question and blurred many a line.  While I don’t condone cheating, I’m also not one to judge and this book made you wonder whether Claire made the right choice.  I guess we’ll never know considering this is fiction after all! 

Either way, this was another winner by Tracey Garvis Graves!

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