Little Pieces Of Me by Alison Hammer @ThisHammer @WmMorrowBooks #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger

Kaceey’s Review:

As DNA websites become more prevalent, how many lives will be forever affected? Some people will get the answers they’ve been searching for, finally providing some closure and satisfaction. Others however, will receive devastating news that will change their lives forever.

Paige Meyer takes the leap and submits her DNA. Perhaps verifying her ancestry more than anything. But to her surprise she gets a match to someone listed as a close family member.

This match will change Paige’s life forever. Is she ready to open Pandora’s box?

Told in two timelines and perspectives;

Paige’s from the present, and her Mother Betsy from the past.

I loved Paige’s character. She was in her mid forties and a strong, independent woman with a close circle of friends and a fiancé who adored her.

I had a harder time warming up to Betsy. I wasn’t as connected to her character or the past timeline she presented.

Overall this was a very enjoyable domestic drama. Hope it makes your list!

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