The Missing Hours by Julia Dahl @JuliaDahl @msjuliadahl @juliadahlauthor @MinotaurBooks #fiction #themissinghours

Kaceey’s Review:

Have you seen Claudia? 

When Claudia Castro awakens in her dorm, she quickly realizes something is very wrong. A fast glance in the bathroom mirror confirms it. YUP! Split lip, black eye. No doubt something drastic happened last night…but what?! 

As the fog of the evening in question clears and things become clearer, Claudia immediately goes dark. Off the grid, no sightings or social media. Question is, was that by choice or has something happened to her. 

Her family is frantic to find her. Others are searching for her as well…although their intentions are highly questionable. 

A few difficult themes through-out this book, that at times made reading difficult. The book blurb doesn’t reveal much so I’m keeping my review vague. You’re welcome! 

The second book I’ve read by Julia Dahl. I enjoyed the first in her series, Invisible City and own the following two. This latest stand-alone has a very different feel than her previous series. More intense and a bit edgy.  

Thank you to Minotaur Publishing via NetGalley and Goodreads giveaway for access to both a digital and physical copy to read and review. 

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