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Kaceey’s Review:

This is a series I have been loving from the start. A male book club dedicated to the reading of romance novels in order to help better themselves and make them better partners for their wives and girlfriends. Fun right!?

And to this point it was. But with this latest release of book 4, I was left a bit disappointed. It lacked the fun and romance of the previous books.

The focus of this latest release is on Vlad the Russian hockey star and his estranged wife Elena. They have been separated for virtually their entire marriage. Vlad now wants to make the marriage work. After all, she is the only woman he has ever loved. 

There are some fun moments with the losers club (the neighborhood women who have lost their men- for one reason or another). The animals that are drawn to Vlad as though he is the Pied Piper. 

I share a heritage with Vlad and Elena so reading about all the Russian foods Elena cooked up made me long for my mom’s cooking, 😥.

Unfortunately, instead of keeping the focus on the romance itself, other serious themes kept distracting both me and the characters. It just didn’t fit, not in a light humorous rom-com. 

I’m still a huge fan of the series and will be picking up the next release!

A buddy read with Susanne.

Thank you to Berkley publishing via NetGalley for an ARC to read and review.

Susanne’s Review:

A Beloved Series.  A Bit of a Let-Down.

As a HUGE fan of the Bromance Book Club series, I could not wait for “Isn’t It Bromantic?” – the next book in the series even though I had my doubts that any book could possibly top “Crazy Stupid Bromance” (Noah and Alexis’ story).  Sadly, I was right.  

Admittedly, Vlad has never been my favorite character, so perhaps, I was setting myself up for disappointment.

Vlad is a famous hockey player. He’s sweet, lovable, and has a horribly upset stomach at the most inopportune times. Little did he know that all this time he was gluten intolerant!  Poor guy!  Estranged from his wife and childhood best friend Elena, Vlad wants nothing more than to make her happy. Sadly, Elena wants nothing to do with him. That is until Vlad gets injured playing hockey and needs someone to care for him.  Enter, his wife.  Taking care of Vlad during his recovery puts these two in very close quarters and as it turns out, both do in fact have feelings for each other, if only they’ll admit it to the other.

Enter the Bromance Book Club and The Losers (Vlad’s widowed neighbors who check in on him from time to time).

Sadly, I felt that the entire romance between Elena and Vlad was forced and missed the witty banter between the book club members, which was lacking. 

Looking at other readers’ reviews, I appear to be an outlier when it comes to this book. Though this novel wasn’t my favorite, I can’t wait for the next Bromance book by Lyssa Kay Adams.

This was a buddy read with Kaceey.

Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley for the arc. 

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