Hello, Summer by Mary Kay Andrews @mkayandrews #kathleenmcinerney #contemporaryfiction #mystery #bookreview

Susanne’s Review:

Highly Entertaining!

When Conley Hawkin’s new job falls through, her only option is to hightail it home to Silver Bay, and a job writing for her family’s paper, The Silver Bay Beacon. 

Soon Conley is in the thick of things after witnessing the death of a local Congressman. Seeing as she is a reporter, she can’t help but write the story for her family’s paper, causing quite the stir.  Some of the townsfolk however, aren’t happy with the investigative reporting being covered by the Beacon and make their feelings known.

Good thing Conley has a few people on her side!

An audiobook that kept me completely charmed throughout by the storyline created by Ms. Andrews and by one of my favorite narrators, Ms. Kathleen McInerney!

Thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of the audiobook.

Published on Goodreads and Twitter.

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