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Kaceey’s Review:

A wickedly good read!

Rachel spent the last 15 years in a psychiatric hospital. Punishing herself for the death of both her parents.

But what if there is more to their deaths? What if someone can prove she wasn’t responsible?

Two sisters. Rachel and Diane. Two sisters who could not be more different. 

Diane tall, blond with no conscience. 

Rachel, short dark-haired ruled by her emotions. 

This book had been sitting on my shelf for what seems like forever and though I absolutely loved this author’s previous release The Marsh King’s Daughter it just never felt like the right time to pick this book up. Until now…

When I found an audio version I knew it would be just what I needed to get me started.  The narrators instantly captured my attention and I was all in! Both Kristen Sieh and Andi Arndt did an amazing job bringing the characters to life.

Karen Dionne once again writes a captivating and chilling read that I couldn’t put down.  I cannot wait to see what Ms. Dionne has in store for us next! I’m ready! And I promise it won’t be sitting on my shelf for long!

A buddy read with Susanne that we both enjoyed!

Thank you to Edelweiss and Penguin Publishing Group.

Susanne’s Review:

Family: So Evil, So Twisted, and well, So Darn Wicked.

“The Wicked Sister” has been on my Edelweiss back list for YEARS, unfortunately, you know how it goes – sometimes, books just fall to the wayside.  Well, folks, I finally got to it (thanks to a little help from my local library and their audiobook selection.. lol) and I’m glad I did.  I loved this author’s prior book “The Marsh King’s Daughter” and still remember the details and had a feeling I’d like this one as well, and I was right.

The Location:  Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Present Day:  Rachel was eleven years old when her parents died in a murder/suicide. Since that time Rachel has been living in a mental health facility voluntarily, believing that she murdered her parents.  When she decides to check herself out, fifteen years later, she discovers that she was wrong.

The Past:  Jenny escapes her hometown with her husband and their young daughter Diana after a tragic incident occurs leaving a toddler dead.  Their destination is their family’s hunting cabin in the woods. Both Jenny and her husband are hoping for a simpler life, and looking for a way to make things better for Diana, who isn’t like other children.  When Jenny gets pregnant with another child a few years later, complications ensue.  

The day comes when Rachel, Diana’s sister, confronts her past, and let’s just say that it’s not pretty.  

“All Will Become Known” warns the Raven…

Taut, suspenseful, harrowing, “The Wicked Sister” was a well-done mystery and a fabulous audiobook, with great narrators. 

I will admit that there were certain parts of this novel that I felt were extremely far-fetched and had me rolling my eyes a tad.  That said, for the most part, I enjoyed this suspenseful novel and would recommend it to fans of mystery/suspense.

This was a buddy listen with Kaceey that we both enjoyed.

Thank you to Edelweiss, GP. Putnam’s Sons, Penguin Publishing Group for the arc, and my local library for the audiobook.  

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  1. Wonderful reviews ladies. I also loved The Marsh King’s Daughter and will be adding this to my TBR. I hope my library has the audiobook. There sounds like a lot I will enjoy about the book. I enjoy books set in Michigan as it is close to home.

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