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Susanne’s Review:

Kate Burkholder is back in “Fallen” by Linda Castillo!

Lucky for me, I got my hands on the audiobook narrated by the fabulous Kathleen McInerney, which allowed me to brush up on my Pennsylvania Dutch – which as Kaceey describes it, allowed me to be multilingual, lol!). (For example, Good Morning: Guder Mariye; Good Afternoon: Guder Nammidaag; How are you today?: Wie bischt du heit?) 🙂

In “Fallen” a former Amish woman returns to Painters Mill only to be violently murdered in a hotel room immediately upon her return.  Upon investigating, Kate Burkholder immediately recognizes the body as a young girl who left the fold years prior, leaving Kate to wonder why someone would want to kill Rachael Schwartz.

A Mystery/suspense involving one of my favorite characters, that while enjoyable, had me guessing the culprit very early on.  Though I love Kate Burkholder and this series, I found the amount of trouble Kate constantly finds herself in, a tad unbelievable for a veteran detective such as Kate.  Though I found “Fallen” to be a bit over the top, I adore this series and the cast and anxiously await the next book in this series.  

A buddy read/listen with Kaceey.

Thank you to NetGalley / Minotaur Books for the arc, and Macmillan Audio for the alc.  

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Kaceey’s Review:

Every summer Im privileged to travel to Painters Mill and pay a visit to my favorite chief of police, Kate Burkholder.  

The body of a woman is found horribly beaten in a seedy hotel room. When Kate arrives to investigate the crime scene, she immediately recognizes the victim. Rachel Schwartz. A young woman who left the Amish community and its lifestyle far behind. So, what brought Rachel back to Painters Mill? And what kind of monster would beat her so brutally?  

Kate’s police force is chocked full of distinctly colorful characters, with names like Pickles and Glock. All fiercely protective of their chief, and Kate respects and deeply appreciates every single one of them in turn.  

As for the romance with her BCI agent…. It remains steamy, although taking somewhat of a back-seat in this read.  

So often when I read a long-standing series, I find myself purely in it for the fascinating characters but finding the storyline to be lacking. Not so with Linda Castillo’s books! I enjoyed both the characters and storyline equally. Such a treat!  

This series continues to be my hands-down favorite. And Linda Castillo once again delivers a rock-solid addition. Already looking forward to next summer’s trip to Painters Mill.  

A buddy read with Susanne who listened to the audio alongside my reading an e-copy.   

Thank you to NetGalley and Minotaur Books.  

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    1. Thank you so much Sandy! Susanne loves the audio versions of this series! She will soon be fluent in Pennsylvania Dutch!😂. Fingers crossed you will be approved.🤞

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