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Susanne’s Review:

“Reunion Beach”: Stories Inspired by Dorothea Benton Frank.  

I admit to knowing little about Dorothea Benton Frank before listening to this anthology. While listening to this beautiful anthology, however, I learned that she was a great woman and that she was loved and adored.

I originally chose to listen to this because it included a sequel to “Summer of ‘69” by Elin Hilderbrand: specifically, “Summer of ‘79” with the characters of Blair, Kirby, Tiger, and Jessy (fka Messy), however, other stories in this collection drew me in, in a way that I did not anticipate.  

While I loved “Summer of ‘79”, and catching up with old friends, my favorite story in this collection by far was “Postcards from Heaven” by Adriana Trigiani, which included postcards sent from the late Pat Conroy to Dorothea Benton Frank, “PC” to “DBF.” To say that I was swept away by their magic does not give these postcards the credit they deserve. The sheer ingenuity of this premise astounded me.  The fact that I adored Pat Conroy and loved his novels, might have something to do with the fact that I loved the notes he sent to his dear friend, however, they made me laugh, smile, and yes, shed a tear or two. Adriana Trigiani, thank you for capturing my heart!

Catching a glimpse of old friends in “Summer of 79” was a blast.  Seeing Jessy all grown up threw me for a loop!  Kirby hasn’t changed a bit and that is why I adored these characters and was happy as a clam to find out what they were up to 10 years later.  My only regret? I wish this short story had been made into a full-length book as I couldn’t get enough of these characters!  Perhaps that’ll be in the works one day?! A girl can hope.

I also adored “Peter’s Speech at the Celebration of Life for Dottie.” 

This is an anthology I won’t soon forget and one I recommend to all.

Thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of the audiobook.

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