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Susanne’s Review:

Call me a Dissenter.  

Truth be told, I went into this book with the HIGHEST of hopes.  I adored “Waiting for Tom Hanks” and liked “Not Like the Moves” the predecessors to “Very Sincerely Yours” by Kerry Winfrey and thought this premise sounded totes adorbs. 

Unfortunately, the delivery simply didn’t hold a candle to the premise.  

Everett is the host of a popular children’s tv show and appears to have everything: a career, friends, and an incredible family, but he can’t help but feel like something is missing.  

Teddy works in a toy store at almost thirty years old. As of yet, she has not found her life’s passion.  What she loves, however, is taking care of her boyfriend Richard.  When he dumps her, she is beside herself.  Her only solace is watching a  local children’s tv show hosted by Everett, who is kind, caring, and extremely good-looking.

When Teddy’s boyfriend dumps her, and she can’t figure out what to do with her life, she writes into Everett’s show.  The rest is history.

I know, I know, it sounds, “totes adorbs” right?  And so many parts of it were, and yet it left me shaking my head.  The reason, in a nutshell?  Teddy’s character.  At thirty years old she was extremely immature, having no direction or sense of self.  Teddy acted even younger than Everett’s twelve-year-old sister! Strong female characters are what I look for when it comes to novels, be it fiction, rom-com, or any other genres and sadly, this book missed the mark.  

While I didn’t love the character of Teddy, the writing here is entertaining and admittedly, I tore through the novel quickly, eager to get to the sweet, albeit predictable end.  Though this wasn’t my favorite of Ms. Winfrey’s novels, I can’t wait for her next release. 

A buddy read with Kaceey.

Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley for the arc.

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