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Susanne’s Review:

First, a huge thank you to #GoodreadsGiveaway for this book.  To say that I loved it doesn’t put my feelings into words!  

There are times when we hear bees before we see them, that familiar bzzz, that makes us look around and turn our heads.  Amazingly enough, however, Queen bees are known for making another sound, which only those who are musically inclined can hear.  A piping sound, in G sharp.  When the gifted few can hear it, they know, the Queen and her hive are thriving.

Alice Holtzman is a Beekeeper, among other things.  After losing her husband unexpectedly, Alice works a job simply to pay the bills. She’d like nothing more than to raise honeybees full-time as they are the only thing in her life that makes any sense and bring her peace. 

The day Alice meets eighteen-year-old Jake after nearly colliding with him, while she is carting more honeybees back home to raise, both of their destinies change.  Jake is a paraplegic, who is only now recovering from the accident that changed his life forever.  Trying to figure out how to move forward, Alice’s honeybees show him the way.  

Twenty-four-year-old Harry’s luck has been down and out for quite a while. When he arrives on Alice’s farm looking for work. He too belongs.  Socially awkward, uncomfortable, and anxious, Alice and Jake give Harry something he had been lacking for all of his life. Friendship and guidance.

Together, Alice, Jake, and Harry form an unlikely alliance, showing that you can find strength when you least expect it and conquer all.  

The Music of Bees captured my heart.  The character of Jake was my favorite.  I found his heart, resilience, and growth throughout the novel to be quite something.  

Thank you again to Goodreads Giveaways for the win.  

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9 thoughts on “The Music of Bees by Eileen Garvin @EileenGarvin @DuttonBooks #GoodreadsGiveaway #Fiction #ContemporaryFiction #beekeeper #bookreviewer #bookblogger

  1. Lovely review Susanne, we have a small beehive in the back of our yard, so I’m always interested in stories with bees. They are fun to watch and learn from. This sounds like a lovely heartwarming story. Thanks!!


    1. Oh my gosh Wendy! That sounds fascinating! A friend of mine has several beehives and harvests honey – when reading this I thought of her. I find bees intriguing (though I am scared of them). I so agree that we can learn a lot from them though! I loved this novel and based on your interest, think you’d like it too!

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