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Susanne’s Review:

What If, You Could Look Down on Your Family From the Great Beyond and Impact Their Decisions?

Vivian (Vivi) Howe is a successful Nantucket novelist who is extremely close to her family when a hit-and-run accident strikes her down, killing her instantly.  Her family is, of course, crestfallen.  Little do they know that Vivi has been granted the ability to view her family from the Beyond and to guide them (using 3 nudges) in case they take the wrong path.  

Willa is the eldest, happily married, pregnant (again), and desperately hoping this time it sticks.  Without her mother, Willa is left trying to pick up the pieces. 

Carson is the middle child, a bartender at an upscale bar on Nantucket, who was going down the wrong path before losing her mother and is now self-destructing on booze, drugs, and a secret affair.  

Leo, the youngest, is angry and lost.  Not knowing where to turn, he is taking out his pain on those who don’t deserve it.  

A bit of a different story for Elin Hilderbrand, as this one has a paranormal element to it, it was still filled with love, family, friendship, and lots of life lessons.  While I had a bit of a hard time connecting since I don’t believe the premise is possible, I found the “What If” idea of it quite compelling.

Thank you to my local library for loaning me a copy of the audiobook and NetGalley and Little Brown and Co for the arc.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Girls by Elin Hilderbrand @elinhilderbrand @littlebrown @NetGalley #womensfiction #contemporaryfiction #libraryloan #audiobook

    1. I hear you Jonetta and feel the same way. I ended up just going with it and it worked. I really like the narrator for her more recent audiobooks – hopefully you will too! Crossing fingers and toes!

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