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Susanne’s Review:

Simple Brilliance.

The night Sheriff Winston Barnes and his wife Marie are awoken by the sound of a plane flying low overhead, both he and his wife get an eerie feeling.  Upon investigating the incident, and discovering that the plane crashed down in an airfield nearby, he realizes why.  

Sheriff Barnes notices that several things have gone awry, most notably, that there is a body of a local citizen dead next to the plane,  and that he’s been murdered. 

As if tensions weren’t high enough, the mayhem that ensues thereafter makes things go from bad to worse, for the residents, the Sheriff, his wife, and his daughter Colleen, visiting from Texas. 

When Ghosts Come Home by Wiley Cash is a simple, lyrical, multilayered, character-driven novel with heart. It’s Southern fiction that grabbed my attention from the get-go and held it throughout. This being my first novel by Wiley Cash, I had no idea what to expect. That said, I admit to going into this novel with very high expectations, all of which were met.  Mr. Cash’s novels are now on my backlist and I can’t wait to get started.  

Thank you to NetGalley, William Morrow and Custom House, and Wiley Cash for the arc. 

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