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Kaceey’s Review:

This is book 8 of the Joseph O’Laughlan series. And once again Michael Robotham has delivered another great addition to his very popular series. 

As always Joe, a clinical psychologist is drawn into a police investigation despite promising his estranged wife he was done with that line of work. But Joe was left no choice. His reputation is on the line. 

And once Joe commits to something, there is no turning back. Both professionally and personally.

Joe is one of the strongest and most vulnerable characters I have come across. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. And though that has become a big part of his life he refuses to let it beat him. 

What’s important to Joe is his family. He is a devoted father to both his daughters. And he has never stopped loving his wife, even through their separation. Will we see a reconciliation?

No spoilers here.

I listened to the audio version and the narrator does an amazing job with Bringing Joe to life.

A buddy read with Susanne of a series we both love. Up next…The Other Wife!

Susanne’s Review:

I love Joseph O’Loughlin dearly and I always have.  I simply can’t help it. 

This is why, when Kaceey asked me to read the remainder of this series with her, I jumped at the chance, even though I had previously read this book and knew what would happen at the end.  Joseph O’Loughlin has my heart and thankfully, Kaceey likes him too!  

Complex, courageous, fallible, funny, kind, and caring, logical, self-aware, and extremely vulnerable, Joe is a man who loves his family desperately.  Separated from his wife Julianne, he holds out hope for their reconciliation.  

Far from perfect, he admits it. Joe has made a lot of mistakes and has paid for them dearly. Suffering from Parkinson’s, he makes the best of every day. 

It is his perseverance, strength, wit, and his love for his family that makes me love him so.

As a Clinical Psychologist, Joseph O’Loughlin is a profiler who works with the police to hunt down killers. This time, a mother and daughter are brutally killed in their farmhouse and it’s up to Joe to try and figure out who did it.  

A game of cat and mouse that becomes personal.  

A pulse-pounding thriller that ratchets up the suspense.   

A shocking end that changes everything and one that I remembered every second of from my first go-round and which, frankly, I despised.  Nevertheless, I adored diving back into the life of Joseph O’Loughlin, in “Close Your Eyes” and am anxious to see what’s next.  

A buddy listen with Ms. Kaceey, which I’m so glad we finally got to.

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