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Susanne’s Review:

Do you Believe in Kismet?

I can’t really say that I do, but Eight Perfect Hours gave me pause.

The night Noelle Butterby gets stranded on the motorway her life changes in an instant.  As a blizzard hits and the road closes, Noelle starts to panic.  Once her phone dies things go from bad to worse, that is until someone taps on her car window.

Enter Sam Attwood.  A very attractive American who is also stranded on the motorway.  When Sam notices Noelle’s distress, his first instinct is to help.  

With no end in sight, Sam and Noelle decide to pass the time together, talking, laughing, and sharing stories.  

Once Eight Perfect hours pass, however, both think that’s it – yet neither can forget the other.  The reason?  Kismet.

That’s right, I said Kismet.  As in FATE, Destiny.. the whole nine yards.  An unbreakable connection that exists between two people regardless of where life takes them.

Believable, heartfelt, sweet, and genuine, Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis is a novel that will carry you away and give you hope, when you need it most.  While I thought it was a tad unrealistic, I adored it and admit to hoping such relationships existed in real life.  

A fabulously sweet buddy read with Kaceey.

Thank you to Atria Books and NetGalley for the arc.

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Kaceey’s Review:

You know how sometimes you just need a feel-good book to reboot your heart after a long week (month…year)? Well, this fit the bill perfectly.

Noelle just left her class reunion sad and frustrated. A blizzard unexpectedly interrupted the festivities that were to include the opening and retrieval of items from a time capsule.

Leaving the party, Noelle finds herself stuck in her car on a snowy highway. With her phone dead, she has no way to contact her family.

In the next car is a handsome American named Sam. who comes to Noelle’s rescue and the two spend the next eight perfect hours together until the roads are cleared.

Will Noelle and Sam ever see each other again? Did fate bring them together? Or was this just a chance meeting… like two ships passing in the night?

This was such a sweet and heartwarming read that I just lost myself in. I loved Noelle and felt for her predicament of having to choose between her family or herself.

The author opens the book with the proverb regarding the invisible red thread. (Are you familiar with it?) 

It is a beautiful adage that tugs on my heart every time I read it.❤️❤️

This was my second read by Lia Louis and I adored this book as much as her previous Dear Emmie Blue. 

I cannot wait for her next.

A buddy read with Susanne

Thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books.

8 thoughts on “Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis @LisforLia @AtriaBooks @NetGalley #womensfiction #contemporaryromance #fiction #bookbloggers

  1. Wonderful reviews ladies. I love when fate is used, or soulmates are found. Does it happen in real life? I have my doubts, but I do love to read about it. I love these feel good stories and I did enjoy Emmie Blue a lot, so pick me. I hope to read this one in August, once Christmas in July is finished.

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    1. Thank you Carla! I have my doubts too! That’s why I love to live through the pages of my romance novels!😂. Hope you love this book as much as we did! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your thoughts!💕💕

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I just went to GR and added this to my TBR. It sounds like just the type of book I love, and now with BOTH your endorsements, I know I’ll love it. Thanks!

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