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Kaceey’s Review:

This was so much more than your average rom com.

When I listened to Yes & I love You (book one of the Say Everything Series) I fell in love with the depth of the characters and immediately started watching for the next in the series.

This latest release brings together our two leading characters, Andi and Hill. Both have erected walls around their hearts from traumas each experienced in their past..

Andi Lockley’s first love turned out to be a dangerous man who left her questioning her judgement and ability to ever trust again. The thought of being with another man gives her full blown anxiety attacks.

Andi’s landlord Hill Dawson is a former firefighter who lost a leg in the line of duty. Not only did he have to retire from the fire department, but his fiancé also left him! He struggles with his identity as well as his body image.

Perhaps together they can help each other overcome their fears and move forward.

Roni Loren once again gives us genuine characters with real everyday issues. This book was filled with hope and love. In order to move forward you must come to terms and make peace with your past. I think every reader will take something positive away from reading this book.

I listened to the audio and Desiree Ketchum did a brilliant job narrating!

Fingers crossed there will be another book in this series!🤞🤞

Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Audio🎧

13 thoughts on “What If You & Me by Roni Loren @RoniLoren @Dreamscapeaudio @NetGalley #romcom #fiction #bookreview #bookblogger

    1. Thank you Jonetta! Her books are so good! And the narrator does an amazing job to bring the characters to life. Hope you enjoy! I’ll be watching for your reviews! 🙂

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  1. I have just gotten into audiobooks lately and I loved to hear of good books to listen to. I’m glad you enjoyed listening to this one! I can’t handle too many characters though. Were there just two views on this book? I attempted to listen to The Guest List but got confused. So far I liked The Apothecary and my current listen which is Dark Roads.

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    1. I am fairly new to audio books too Jasmine. And now that I found a few favorite narrators it makes all the difference! I loved Desiree Ketchum’s narration! 🤩 Yes, there were only two views so it should be ok!
      Oh I hope you enjoy Dark Roads! I have the kindle version! Hoping to get to it soon!

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  2. This is the third very positive review I’ve seen for this book, and I’m convinced I need to read this series. I put both these books on tbr and I plan to listen to the first book next week. Thanks!!

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    1. Ooh! I’m so happy to hear that Wendy! I can’t wait to see what you think! Her characters are so original! I just love this series! Hope you will too!

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